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Our AI Future

Dear Reader,

For years I've been talking about AI and its promise of a radically different future.

The question we all have to ask ourselves is what future are we going to create? 🌟

In the short term, I see a world where AI can make us more productive, amplify our impact, and give us more time to spend with our loved ones.❤️

In the long term, I see a world that works actively against race and gender bias and takes on the big problems that are beyond the human capability to solve. 🌎

But I digress ... all of that "let's heal the world" stuff isn't for you, right? 😉🌈

At the risk of getting flamed by every YouTuber and course creator that would have you believe AI can do all your social media in 15 minutes or less, let's touch on what it can't do: 🚫

  • AI cannot replace humans and isn't going to anytime soon. 🤖 ❌

  • AI cannot automate away ALL the tedious tasks in your life. 📋 ❌

  • AI cannot take responsibility for your decisions. ⚖ ❌

  • AI cannot turn a shitty idea into a good idea. 💡 ❌

I'm sorry if that disappoints ... and if it does, I'm guessing you've been listening to some of those aforementioned "influencers" who have been touting solutions that, quite frankly, are not up to scratch. (PS: I accept PayPal and Venmo as a form of a thank you for the monumental f**k up I just saved you from.) 😉

So let's get back to it. AI can, simply put, MAKE YOU BETTER. 🚀✨

It's hard to explain at first but here's my attempt: I like to think of it like the FastPass at Disney. 🎢

You can choose to spend 3 hours in the queue: Floridian sun beating down on your back. Kids screaming because you gave them too much refined sugar in a moment of Mickey-inspired parental folly. Your patience wearing thin as you hear "It's a Small World" for the 100th time. 😅🔥

And if you run that gauntlet, you do get a really cool ride (I recommend the Guardians of the Galaxy in Epcot if you haven't had the pleasure). 🌌 🚀

OR ... you can choose the FastPass. Pay a little extra and walk straight on. And, if you're honest, enjoy the slightly smug moment as you pass the family of 4 on your way to see what Starlord and Groot will get up to this time. 😎✨

Either way, you get the awesome ride, but the experience is different, isn't it? 🌞 Sure as that Floridian Sunshine, I know which one I'd rather choose. 🌞👍

And so it is with AI. It doesn't replace ... anything (yet). 🤖🛠️

But what it does is this: It makes us better. 💪🚀

I look forward to exploring this with you. We have a responsibility to our collective future, and I love the fact we get to have more of what we want as we walk towards it together. 🌎 🤝

Here's to you.

Here's to us.

Here's to AI.

We're better together 🤝✨